Mixed Solvency Matter

a) PDF of some published papers on analysis using mixed solvency concept:
~ tinidazole_phenol-asian-j-p-r
~ ibuprofen_indian-pharmacist_pdf-rkm-mixed-solvency-2009
~ deepak-jain_tinidazole_pnm_pdf_wjpps
~ deepak-jain_pdf_-ornidazole-phenol_ajbps
~ norfloxacin_phenol-int-j-c-p-r-sgo
nalidixic acid_pnm

b) Soft copies of M Pharm Thesises on Mixed Solvency Concept

Prakhar Gupta_Ornidazole_dry syrup & dry injection (Model)
Shraddha Kori_SEDDS_Naproxen (Model)
Bharat Verma_Multiple Emulsion_Gatifloxacin (Model)
Priya George_Cefixime_dry injection & dry syrup (Model)
Deepmala Jatwa_Diazepam_SEDDS(solid) (Model)
Rajendra Shilpkar_Oily injection of Rifampicin_aqueous injection of Lemotrigine (Model)
Anirudh Padiyar_Dry injection of Dichlophenac sodium (High Dose) (Model)
Vikram Karwande_Microspheres of Frusemide (Model)
Chandan_SEDDS of Candesartan Celexatil (Model)
Anshu Joshi_Transdermal gel of Indomethacin (Model)
Archana_In Situ nasal gels of Domperidome and Ondancetron hydrochloride (Model)
Naveen Chaklan_Oral Film of Piroxicam (Model)
Rajagopalan_Syrups of Paracetamol and Tnidazole (Model)
Saurabh Gupta_Liqui-Solid formulation of Naproxen (Model)
Iccha Soni_Solid Dispersions of Gatifloxacin and Naproxen (Model)
Madhuri Sirole_Ear drops of Gatifloxacin and Ofloxacin (Model)
Akshay Fouzdar_Sustained Release Formulation of Piroxicam (Model)
Sughanda Singh_Aqueous Topical Solutions of Gatifloxacin and Indomethacin (Model)
Ravish Jain_Control Release Tablet of Lemotrigine

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